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Know a WP user who needs support?

Earn 15% per month for 12 months per customer.
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How you can promote WP Wonk

Test out the service and write a review on your site.
Notify your email list about the service and use an affiliate link.
Get the founder Benjamin on your site for a guest post or an interview.
Put banners and links on your site.
Chat to Benjamin about doing a webinar.
Mention WP Wonk in your video or podcast.
What is the payout threshold?

We pay out referral commissions once the payout figure gets over $100 (i.e. we don’t bother ourselves or you with the accounting hassle of small payments but once the payout gets to $100 you get paid).

How long can I earn per customer I refer?

We offer a recurring revenue source so as long as someone stays a customer you get paid every month (for up to 12 months).

Am I guaranteed payment?

We don’t offer a free trial like a lot of software companies do. When someone signs up to WP Wonk you get paid it’s as simple as that. You don’t have to worry about the often 95% or so of signups who don’t eventually become customers after software trials.

Why do I need to be approved?

Applications are strictly by approval only. We don’t accept everyone and we are specifically looking for people with a decent audience of people who use WordPress.

Am I a good fit for WP Wonk's affiliate program?

If you have an audience online you probably get asked WordPress questions all the time and you don’t have a reliable place to send your audience.

I have an idea for promoting WP Wonk that's not listed.

Awesome! We are particularly keen on promoting the service in a way that helps other people. If you have a fresh idea, let us know.

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